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    Six shades of Bride by Jatin Lulla

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    Malaika Firth shot by Oliver Hadlee Pearch for i-D Fall 2014

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    Burundian model Nella Ngingo

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    Whoopy Beatriz Laurenco by Amanda Berens

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    more here

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    Novembre Magazine #5
    "Arnys F/W 12" 
    Model: Roberto Sipos 
    Photographer: Nicolas Coulomb

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  12. I don’t want things to end….just to get better. I have so much love but I need help getting over the pain.


  13. How can some one so strong not be able to admit their wrong doing? Don’t you see it hurts me ? But you don’t care….you never did.


  14. Guess I shouldn’t given you so much power

    The happiness I had was taken away by the one who brought it.

  15. Currently exactly how I’m feeling